Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

JoChahiye is a revolutionary shopping web portal run under the ownership of Spectrum System Integration with the unflinching aim to provide its customers quality services and products in Pakistan. The site is designed to deliver the best with the least personal information acquired. This document is intended to clarify user’s rights under the light of established policies.


The site ensures full customer rights and data protection under its duly stated privacy policies. It states that the information provided shall not be used for any promotional inquiry or acts of misconduct by filling up the fake accounts. Only the name of the user is kept in use which serves as the basis of identification during the deliverance of products. In any case, if the identity of the user has to be revealed it’s just the name which is being used.

JoChahiye is entitled to keep the provided information only to deliver the product/s or to use it as a reference in case of any fraudulent act. However visitors can freely browse the website even without the registration process.

Provided information is mainly used to guide the users with their login details and to look after the financial affairs.

Involvement of third party in the delivery of product/s and receiving of cash will not affect the customer privacy rights. The information in any such case is highly protected to secure customer’s blind trust.


Information of the registered users only, will be used under the following conditions:

  • Market research and analysis.
  • For statistical procedures.
  • No information is given out to any third party even when the users participate in the polls.
  • The personal information of the user will only be used at or during the time of competition.


The site only notifies the winner of the competition in order to advertise its offerings and promotions. Information of a person will only be used after he/she has managed to win the competition.


Under certain cases data provided by the customer can be passed on to the fellow companies. Dealers or subcontractors may use this information to aid the shipment or delivery process of the product. Third parties may be involved to ensure timely deliverance of the order. They may also be involved in the inspection the goods during the shipment process.

Moreover, third parties may be hired and given information regarding customers to avoid all sorts of fraudulent activity. These parties are sought to provide solution through legal implications used for online shopping services in Pakistan. The site holds the authority to share personal information and the database with the third party to check if the users are selling their goods.