Return and Refund Policy

Return & Refund Policy

JoChahiye is one of the online stores in Pakistan which strives to provide products of prime quality to its customers. It facilitates its customers through its only mode of payment. Cash on Delivery. However there are certain factors that need special attention while buying online

  1. As per the convenience of its customers, store has established the system of COD for all sorts of payments.
  2. Payments are only received against the receipt of orders being placed.
  3. All orders are delivered within the stipulated period of time i.e. 48hours
  4. JoChahiye claims to be the sole owner of the products as each item is bought before it is given away. Hence the site doesn’t act as the third party but the ownet itself.
  5. JoChahiye aim to introduce other modes of payments including Master, credit or debit cards. Bank transfers are also the part of the plan for the convenience of our customers. Moreover the team is working to establish other modes of payments including Easy Paisa and Omni.

How to place an order?

In order to enhance your buying experience at JoChahiye, following vital steps need to be taken. The customer will be called shortly after the placement of order by our service agents for the confirmation of order. Within the next 48hours, the order will be delivered at your doorstep.

  1. Register and sign in
  2. Browse through the site to see what’s nee and trending.
  3. Select the item and drop it into the cart. Make sure to mention the quantity and double check the prices.
  4. Wait for the confirmation call on the contact number provided. Email will also be sent to make sure that the order has been placed. This conformation will be received any time (within 24 hours) after placement of order.
  5. Within 48-50 hours order will be delivered. After clearing the dues customer can solemnly claim the product.
  6. Any extra delivery charges are strictly forbidden and against the site policy. In any case if anyone deem to ask for it, customer are requested to inform right away.

Refund Policy

Refunds are only possible under following stated conditions:

  1. Dial in soon after receiving the product and mention the code number, user name, address, contact number and product details to the service care personnel. Within the next 24hours our diligent team will help locate the problem and will sort out the matter in no time. *
  2. If the customer is not satisfied with the product without any apparent flaw in it then the site is not responsible for any exchange of the product.
  3. Users cannot exchange any product under any circumstances. *
  4. Money shall not be refunded under any situation.
  5. In any case if the order being delivered is not what is being placed then the team of JoChahiye will look into the database to clear up the situation. And the actual product will then be delivered. However the customer has to report within the next 12hours after receiving the order.
  6. Delivered items must not be returned or exchanged through the delivery person. Only the customer care personnel has the authority to either cancel, deliver or exchange the product.
  7. Given prices can be subjected to slight changes therefore the customers are requested to always check the updated prices while placing the orders. Any amount other than the updated one will not be accepted by the delivery personnel.
  8. Ensure that the payment of the product is against the receipt of your order. The site will not be hold responsible if the customer pays without checking the receipt hence the amount shall not be refunded. *

Note*: Terms and conditions applied.