Terms & Conditions


Proudly welcoming its visitors, JoChaiye.com brings you the complete and detailed understanding of the site using its predetermined Terms and Conditions. Abiding by the prescribed rules and regulations will ensure better buying experience every time you visit the site. The website allows a complete access for the users who claim the acceptances of its terms and conditions. However the site holds every right of modification, adjustment, improvement and removal of partial content from the given terms and conditions. Any modification would be updated without any prior notice. Hence it is highly recommendable to must check the Terms and Conditions each time user intend to visit it.


  • The site grants full access to the users of age 18 years or above.
  • Active supervision is recommended for the users under 18years of age.
  • Under any circumstances, JoChahiye does not provide any authorization to its user to sell products as a third party. However the user can demand the authorization of such acts by informing in advance.
  • The site itself does not hold any personal views about the displayed goods and products, as the content of the product information at Jochahiye.com is given by the vendors themselves.
  • Registration is mandatory for the placement of orders using this site. For any latest updates, subscriptions are highly recommended. Users will be greatly acknowledged for providing their up to date and accurate information including their email address, postal address and contact number. In case of any changes users are held responsible for updating their profile accounts.
  • Users are requested to keep their login details and security passwords secure and hidden in order to avoid any illegal account access by others using the account details.
  • Registering at JoChahiye will enable you to receive all the promotional emails.


JoChaiye.Com warmly appreciates its users to post their reviews, questions and comments regarding any product or goods. The name of the user is mentioned along with his/her feedback and questions.


JoChahiye holds the authority to govern its rule under following situations:

  1. If the order is placed without providing physical address.
  2. Email address, contact number and physical address of the buyer is required to deliver the order.
  3. Detailed information of credit and debit card is required for the payment procedure in order to avoid any fraudulent acts.
  4. The site holds the right to cancel the order if the user do not respond within the 48 hours of the placement of order.
  5. Accurate and updated prices are stated over the site, in case of any mistyping users are encouraged to contact and inform. Within 24 hours, prescribed changes will be updated.